Item Storage


Each configuration item class has different storage requirements. The evolving and source items have the most complex storage requirements, while archive items are the simplest to manage.

Evolving Items

After identification, evolving items are stored in the subdirectory specific to the stage in which they are produced. A copy of the item is then placed on the project Web Server, and a link established from the project homepage to the new item. If the new item is an update or revision of an existing item, the old item is replaced on the Web Server by the new item under the same hyperlink. This insures that the most recent version of each project deliverable is available to all participants.

The current and all prior versions of each evolving item are stored in the project CM tool as defined in the project SPMP. Standard check-in/check-out controls prevent more than one person from editing an evolving item.

Source Items

Source items are generally created by members of the development team and immediately introduced to the source item CM tool as defined in the project SPMP. The tool handles storage, identification, versioning and check-in and check-out operations. Any member of the development team, as well as the PDR, may introduce source items to the source item configuration management tool. This is the only case where the PDR does not have to be involved in the identification or storage of new configuration items.

Support Items

The PDR logs each support item as it is received from a vendor into the support items log for the project. After the software has been appropriately installed, the original media used to perform the installation, along with any necessary license key information, is placed into a physically secure storage area for later retrieval if necessary. In most cases, a software copy of the installation executable is stored on a central fileserver. Support items may only be upgraded on production systems after the concurrence of the CCB. This rule is in place to make sure the CCB is involved in the decision to upgrade items that may impact the viability of current production software.

Archive Items

Archive items are stored in the appropriate subdirectory of the archive items directory for the project. The archive items directory is available on a central fileserver. The archive items directory may be further divided into topical subdirectories at the discretion of the PDR.