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Provide a uniform interface and application component set to support the following major functions in a consistent manner:

  1. Restrict access specified sets of authorized users.
  2. Provide the ability for end-users to query the database via pre-built as well as ad-hoc queries.
  3. Provide the ability for end-users to view summary lists of query results and drill down from the list into detail data for entry, update, and review.
  4. Print standard and ad-hoc reports, and through the reporting mechanism, transfer data to the Highland accounting system as well as Microsoft Excel for other uses and analyses.

Current Status

Currently, the component is in the installation & acceptance stage. Within this stage, we are in the Stage Exit process, where the application is accepted.

What's Next

The Stage Exit Review, where the application is formally accepted.

Who's Who

Component Sponsor: Ted Adams
Primary End-User Representative (PER): Sara Conner
Primary Developer Representative (PDR): Joe Smith
Quality Assurance Reviewer (QAR): Jane Jones